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#106, 175 Chestermere Station Way - Chestermere, Alberta, T1X 0A4 | (403) 235-6208

About Acupuncture at Lifepath Dental & Wellness

At Lifepath Dental & Wellness, we have provided acupuncture services to Chestermere & are since 2009. Dr. David He is currently our primary provider of. Dr. He has a vast knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as General Medicine as he trained in China as an orthopedic surgeon.

Our acupuncture doctors have gained a loyal following from many of our patients, as they can treat a vast array of ailments using TCM and acupuncture. Additionally, our doctors integrate Acupuncture and Chinese herbs along with Western medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions, including orthopedic and joint disorders, women’s health (infertility), neurological disorders, autism, and other psychological and internal disorders.

At Lifepath Dental & Wellness, our acupuncture doctors use their experience and skills to treat different disorders and help people live a healthy life. If you are new to acupuncture, we have hundreds of patients who continue to use our clinic to help their bodies heal.

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